DI source requirements and transfer

Picture can be supplied in the following formats:

Option 1: Cineon or DPX sequence, 10-bit LOG, 24 frames/sec., 2K resolution

This option gives you the highest possible quality, as this is completely lossless format, but, probably, the least convenient format to deal with. The amount of data required to store 90-min feature can take 1–2 TB of data. In order to match the colours properly, DPX or Cineon sequences should also be graded for our lab using our profile (please send your request to info@cpc.kiev.ua). Sometimes you may find the results looking fine even without special file grading — you are welcome to print short test, and we will do this for free! (You pay only for the shipment).

Option 2: DCP

DCPs are easy to handle, as they have relatively small size and offer pretty high level of security. However, this option gives you less pristine quality then DPX files due to the lossy nature of JPEG2000 compression that is used in DCP, but this method will give the best match in terms of colours. The data in DCP are stored in device-independent XYZ colourspace, and we convert these to film colourspace using our profile. Unfortunately, it is impossible to match the colourspace of DLP projector (DCPs are usually graded with these devices), as film and DLP projectors are different colour gamuts that do not match. Nevertheless, you will be surprised with the quality of colour reproduction — we can preserve up to 90% of original colours! We will do all the necessary conversions before the film output for free!

Option 3: HD ProRes source graded for REC.709 colorspace

You also can supply .MOV file in Apple ProRes format. Before sending us a source please make sure to check the colours on a calibrated REC.709 viewing device, otherwise you may get an unexpected colours on film. In terms of quality this format is similar to DCP. Please remember to take care about the secure transfer of this media, as this format offer no encryption or security capabilities. We will do all the necessary conversions before the film output for free!

Sound can be supplied in the following formats:

Option 1: Dolby MOD files

With this option you will get both digital (SRD) and analog (SR) soundtracks on film. This format provides the best sonic quality in theater, but, unfortunately, requires the purchase of a license from Dolby and extra time in Dolby certified mixing studio. The files can be supplied on MOD, CompactFlash or via any other media.

Option 2: Separate WAV-file(s) or soundtrack from DCP

With this option we will be able to print analog (SR) soundtrack only.
If you supply us with DCP, you can continue to the next section :)
If you supply the separate 2.0 or 5.1 mix, please make sure that the files are mastered to match the film speed at 24 frames/sec, with –20 dbFS
reference level corresponding to 85 dBA SPL at the mixing position. It is also preferably the files to be mastered with «2-pop» and «tail pop» sync marks.

Subtitles can be supplied in any major format — D-cinema XML, SRT, timed text, etc in UTF-8 encoding.

Data transfer

Option 1: You upload the content to our secure SFTP server

Please contact send your request to info@cpc.kiev.ua to get your access details.

Option 2: We pull from your server

Send us the access details, and we will pull from the designated server.

Unfortunately, due to very painstaking and slow customs clearance procedures for the hard drives, we cannot accept the shipped hard drives. Sorry!

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop an email to info@cpc.kiev.ua